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PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is also known as paid search and search engine advertising. Basically, it's what you use to advertise on search engines like Google and Bing.

If not done correctly, PPC can be very costly, which is exactly what we don't want for your business and brand. Through Maverick's PPC campaigns, we ensure that you reach your target audience, generate leads, and convert them in a way that is cost-effective and creative.

PPC means that each click is worth money, which translates into meticulous targeting, especially when there is strong competition or highly competitive keywords.

Maverick's PPC Campaigns rely on


Keyword research.

Keywords form the essence of PPC advertising. We research your business' relevant keywords and measure the expected PPC cost to ensure a positive ROI and a correct target audience.



As part of the research phase, we consider target audience based on location, demographics, interests or a combination of these metrics.


Managing Google Ads.

Managing a Google Ads account is no easy feat but we have you covered as we will manage and reorganize your account, if you have an existing one, or create your first Google Ads campaign for maximum targeting and conversions. We will also take care of your budget and day-to-day bidding.


Automatic Bidding.

As part of our PPC campaigns, we will test automated bidding campaigns for Google Ads. What we focus on in terms of automated bidding is: - Targeted return on ad spending (ROAS) - Targeted cost per action (CPA) - Maximizing clicks - Maximizing conversion rates


Creating Ads.

Having a single ad when it comes to search engine marketing is not enough. It's important to have more than one ad and to measure performance on each to see which ad your audience responds to best. That's why creating ad copy is an important aspect of our PPC campaigns.


Creating Landing Pages.

Now that the ad copy is written, our teams for design and development will create the landing page for your ads. Using persuasive copywriting that drives leads and conversions, our team can create your landing pages either via your currently-used or preferred content management system (CMS) or using other tools.



Search engine advertising or PPC relies on testing, be it keywords, ad copy, targeting, a combination of those or something else entirely. As part of our testing process, we create experimental campaigns to test bidding strategies so we can maximize your ROI and brand growth.


Reports and Analytics.

Last but certainly not least, we provide you with detailed reports of your past and ongoing PPC campaigns including results and conversions achieved. These reports can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly, or anything depending on your preference.

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